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About the Company


Daniel Holden & Associates are masters in the disciplines of deep transformation of leaders and their teams. Through our executive coaching and team transformation workshops, we excel at assisting people to see their leadership in a larger, more powerful context. Leaders can more readily see the unique contributions they’ve come here to make. And the courage required to move through politics, caution and maneuvering differently.

There is an intersection where the path of leadership transformation, organizational development and the discipline of spiritual insight meet. We work at this intersection.

We pay attention to both the inner and outer world of leaders and their teams. The outer world alone is where the attention of most leaders goes: key performance indicators, strategic plans, budgets, customers, employee challenges, the marketplace, bosses, and boards of directors. But the wisest leaders know there is another, inner, world that goes largely unexamined. The threshold of elite level leadership lies just beyond. The inner world holds our assumptions about what’s possible, our shared understanding of vision, resilience, real alignment—as well as fear, resistance and caution. If you are committed to real change and don’t consider the inner world as a place of leverage, your change efforts will not be sustainable. There will be much activity but little of importance will get done.

Real organizational change and deep leadership transformation occur together.

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Outcomes You Can Expect from Working with Us

  • Greater ability to create desired results in the midst of obstacles
  • More confidence and peace in the midst of turbulent circumstances
  • Greater ability to get others to step up to accountability and ownership
  • More skill handling difficult performance conversations
  • More authentic relationships with key stakeholders
  • More competence intervening in situations involving diversity
  • Increased skill and confidence coaching and mentoring others
  • Renewed sense of your own purpose and legacy and how to
    create them