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Download PDFLeader As Wounded Healer

There is an unusual breed of leader you may have met. They have learned to harness the energy most of us unconsciously lock away in our insecurities and self doubts; integrated this energy into their personal leadership mission and now offer this to their organizations. What you notice is a calm and loving fearlessness, a confidence and tenacity without need for control. What you get is unbridled enthusiasm, elite performance and focused, purposeful, action in leaders and their teams. Here’s how to start.


Download PDFOpen Secrets to Transformation

There is something unsettling about the many articles on transformation. We wrap it up in surface level simplicity and overlook how disruptive real, deeper transformation can be. The great majority — 85% — of change efforts fail to deliver on promised results. This article suggests there are four requirements we commonly know but have forgotten that would increase the likelihood of successful transformation outcomes.


Download PDFMaking a Place for Bigotry and Hate

Although these matters are tough to look at and acknowledge, denying their place in American culture is foolish and prevents us from growing stronger and more whole as individuals and as a nation.


Download PDFIn White America – A Tribute

Young inner city students discuss America's 500 year history in a tough, inspiring way.


Download PDFThe Lost Art of Inspired Mentoring

A guide to tapping collective expertise, heart and soul.


Download PDFThis Is the Leadership World

Do Not Be Afraid.


Download PDFCreatively Maladjusted Leader

The Rev. Martin Luther King announced in a 1963 speech he was "... Proud to be maladjusted." There are certain realities, he argued, we should not and need not adjust to as people and leaders.


Download PDFA Ritual for Leaders

Three ancient practices that revitalize everything.


Download PDFLeadership Doorways

A different kind of dialogue can transform the results your organization gets.

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Download PDFThe Missing Ingredient in Organizational Change

No matter where your title appears on the org chart, transformational change is usually difficult and often disruptive. But if organizational change is to take root, corresponding change of the organization’s leaders must also take place. As leaders, we must orchestrate and embody such change efforts.


Download PDFDiversity Unraveled

Diverse leadership teams outperform more homogeneous teams but can initially be more difficult to manage. Difference can tear us apart or bring us together; it depends on our response. Four critical concepts, when understood and applied, can help bring teams together in transformative ways and pave the way to inspired performance.


Download PDFThe Forgotten Self:
Executive Development for the 21st Century

Successful executives often cite hardships and the lessons learned by grappling with failure as their most significant learning events. But our success-oriented culture demands immediate achievement: We are trained to keep our fears and inner struggles to ourselves. When these interior dynamics are unexamined or kept silent, people, performance, and organizational culture suffer.