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Does Your Life Have
Your Attention Yet?

When things are going great, there's no felt need to change. What if your life, or God, for reasons unknown to you, turns everything upside down?

Events that bring change, even change that ultimately proves to be for our benefit, seldom come as invited house guests! Yet, their unexpected arrival is always perfectly timed for our unfolding if we can greet them.

What follows is one person’s awakening to a radical partnership with the sacred and a step-by-step guide to others trapped in unwanted circumstances that demand a radical response.

Dan Holden doesn't say anyone needs to change anything. Unless, of course, your life seems to have fallen apart, God appears to have abandoned you, and the best bed partner you can get at night is depression. Face it: when you're in deep enough there's no getting out. Your own strength will not save you now. You need something or someone to break in.

But how do you do that when you're wandering around lost in your own life? That's what Dan addresses in clear, concise, practical terms. From the vantage point of one who's made the journey, he points out the pathways and pitfalls along the way. And, when there are shortcuts to get through it all, Dan shows you how to find them. The power of this book is in the way he opens the whole process from the wreckage to the resurrection of your life.

This book is a road map to finding opportunities for building strength beyond what you might have ever imagined for yourself. It is a specific and practical guide to finding inner allies, spirit guidance, and methods for accessing wisdom and resources you didn't know you had. Best of all, it's a book that shows you how to shine light into the depths and darkness of your very being when you need it the most and emerge stronger, more resilient and whole.

Dan is a trailblazer with a radically different approach: real time, non religious partnership with Spirit for real people. Each of us has this switch within; few know how to turn it on. Dan shows you how.