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You don’t need to fix yourself!

What would your work be like if you could more consistently create the results you genuinely want? What if you could learn to create with less wasted activity and with greater ease and elegance? What if you could discover more authentic ways of engaging others at work in ways that produced stronger results with less defensiveness, conflict and posturing? Would you say, “Yes” to these possibilities?


Accelerate your own development and your team’s, too.

Within each of us is a desire to contribute in ways that matter, a need to know that our days make a difference. However, we each carry a significant limiting tendency that keeps us playing smaller than we really are, no matter how successful we have been. We seldom speak of it and are not familiar enough with it to know what to do. As a result, we live and work far beneath what's possible for us. It is as if we live atop a gold mine and don't know it. Dan's coaching enables people to find power they don't think they have to create results they previously considered impossible.

No amount of trying to overcome perceived weakness will open the door to greater leadership mastery. Focusing on the core strengths you bring and learning how to play to them serves as a better strategy. The presence of one or two strong skills more than makes up for shortcomings you think you possess.

Top leaders out perform others by two to four times! They think about achievement, teamwork, obstacles and hardship in ways that are different from how others do. They have come to understand themselves with a level of self-awareness and mastery that are not typical. Our coaching leads to results that can be seen immediately and instills in leaders straightforward ways to sustain learning in a deep and lasting way.


If this approach to executive development speaks to you (for yourself or those who work with you) please considering contacting us for a free, no pressure consultation to see if we are the right fit for you. Our approach focuses on the following fundamentals:

  • Inside – outside work: gaining awareness comes before “doing” anything different.
  • Understanding the larger emotional and cultural/political context
    of your leadership
  • Skill practice in the real world: coaching uses life/work as a laboratory to experiment
  • Creating options where few existed before: with expanded awareness and skill, new doors open