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The Leader's Prism®


In the chaotic rush and pressure of a leader's normal day it is easy to lapse into behavior that runs contrary to how we are naturally and optimally wired. The market place, with its turbulent and surprising demands and ever shifting targets can prod even the most effective leader into behaviors and strategies that defy the wisdom of quieter moments where reflection prevails. The Leader's Prism® provides an incisive, powerful and effective interruption to this cycle and will equip you with greater leadership effectiveness and impact in next to no time.

This work is not for everyone. Contact us for a free conversation to see if The Leader's Prism® is right for you.

The Leader's Prism® is a series of five, targeted executive coaching sessions built around The Leadership Circle Profile©. They take place over a short time span. The focus: reinvigorate and clarify your leadership journey, highlight your key strengths and reactive insecurities while concentrating light on your life & leadership purpose. When we are aligned with this purpose we do our best work effortlessly and elegantly. When we stray, even easy assignments become difficult. We wither from within. This may be the most important action you've ever taken to sharpen your leadership impact now.

Priced at $2,995 it easily competes with seminars and conferences that promise the full leadership meal but only deliver table scraps.


The Leader's Prism®

Targeted coaching calls
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Session #1: Who am I, where did I come from?
How how have I gotten this far in my life and leadership? What route have I taken? What were important choices I made along the way? What do I want now? How do I get in my own way at times? What strategies seem to have become obsolete? Do I know how to upgrade them? What is calling me now and prompting a deeper look?

Session #2: Passion, purpose, longing.
If I could create anything now through my leadership what would I do if I could? What are examples of early experiences that left me feeling very alive, enthused, and excited? What are memorable highpoints from the last three to five years that seem to have left me feeling a similar aliveness? If the organizational system you are in now placed you there for it's own purposes, what's your sense of why you? Why now?

Session #3: Blocks.
It is tempting to think of blocks to our effectiveness and impact as consisting of external conditions and circumstances. It is more useful, however, to assume the real blocks are the assumptions and stories we carry about the external world in which we live and work. If we find the story we find our leverage. Miss the story, we spend years chasing ghosts, while fighting and finding nothing at all. We each face a dilemma we must navigate towards our optimum self and its deep resourcefulness. Blocks are a key to yours! A thousand years of mystical writings can't be wrong.

Session #4: Debriefing your Leadership Circle Profile.
See (see www.theleadershipcircle.com). Easily the most powerful leadership assessment instrument in the market today (I know, I've used all the others!) this conversation will take the refracted and confusing light and energies of your leadership now and focus them in a more coherent, aligned, and purposeful way. The Leader's Prism® is focused on your True Light, made visible to you. Consider this your personal MRI.

Session #5: Action.
Finally, we start to do something! In a world that values action, we take a deliberate and conscious turn here. We focus on two kinds of action. The first we are ready for: direct action. This includes finding the one big direction you can take that would make the biggest difference in your leadership impact. Typically, this means ramping up one or two creative competencies from the 360 debrief. Not always. The second action is indirect: allowing your life and leadership to move towards and meet you. Call it consciously orchestrating and directing grace your way. Breathing requires that the in-breath balance the out-breath. High performance demands both kinds of action, which alone accounts for why so many of us live far below optimal.


Final Instructions for the Journey. This page is a personalized letter from me, Dan Holden, to you summarizing our work, action choices and adding a few touches we may not have discussed that are essential to you now.

This work is not for everyone. $2,995. Easy on most budgets yet long on personal and professional impact. Contact us for a free conversation to see if The Leader's Prism® is right for you.