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Speaking Topics


A timely, well chosen talk can sometimes make a world of difference in how we respond to our life. Sometimes people taste a topic in a brief presentation and wish to do more in-depth work; the seminars and retreats are designed to provide this opportunity for deeper work.

These presentations range from 30 minutes to four hours in length and include both presentation and interactive experiences for audience members. The premise underlying each talk is that we benefit from seeing our lives and leadership (and the challenges and opportunities in each) in a bigger light. Stepping back, we can often see things much more clearly.

Our Speaking Topics include:


Transforming Adversity into Power
How to Grow Stronger During Tough Transitions

Everybody goes through many transitions in life. Some grow weaker and more brittle because of them while others emerge stronger, more resilient and whole. We all know people in both camps. This talk explores secrets for emerging stronger from tough times. Based on the speaker's book, Lost Between Lives–Finding Your Light When the World Goes Dark.
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Swimming in the Fire
Finding Your Focus When Things Fall Apart

There is a way that feels safe but is not, and a way that feels more risky yet actually leads to your desired end results! Successful people in all fields know of this strange twist and use it to their advantage. This talk explores secrets to retaining focus and serenity in the face of uncertainty. Based on the speaker's book, Lost Between Lives–Finding Your Light When the World Goes Dark.
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Recognizing The Invisible Partnership
Tapping the Inexhaustible Supply of the Sacred ... at Work

In virtually every important project or endeavor we reach a threshold when it become obvious we are stuck and can neither give up nor go forward with the skills and mind sets that brought us to this point. This frustrating time is actually an invitation to a different, more powerful way of working and living. This talk reveals how we can take advantage.
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Diversity Unravelled
Open Secrets to Building Inclusive High Performing Teams

Look around our planet and at your own life and workplace: there are many camps of like-minded people who have not yet discovered how to cross boundaries that separate us. We haven't yet enjoyed the full benefits of common ground, real alignment and trust. This talk reveals how to move more easily and elegantly across lines that can divide us.
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Navigating the Dual Journey
Leadership and Organizational Transformation

Organizations cannot grow beyond the point where leaders have grown. Calls for greater collaboration and teamwork from leaders who still function as individuals in their silos are legendary. We each carry an assumption about ourself that makes moving our workforce and our lives forward harder than it needs to be. Once we see this dynamic, we can make necessary shifts if we choose. This talk is a short course on sharpening our leadership edge.
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Wake Up Calls
Spirit Reminders About the Call to Partnership

Each day is full of reminders from our Spirit partners that we are not here alone and that, in fact, there is much assistance available for any challenge we face. The trouble is we:

  • Are too busy to pay attention,
  • We don't know where and how to look, and/or
  • We persist in believing we must buy a Formal Religion Package (FRP) to benefit from a sacred partnership freely available to us all...with or without the FRP!

Find out how to see more clearly today's wake up calls and live, lead and work more fully as a result.
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