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Trial by fire is one way of learning.
World-class executive and team education is another.

There are few experiences in our career more satisfying than working on a team that has its act together! By this we mean a team that has learned how to work together in ways repeatedly shown to be associated with high levels business performance. The learned attributes of teams like these include the following:

  • A deeply held and commonly shared sense of purpose, i.e., we know what we’re about and it’s greater than any one of us could achieve on our own.

  • A vision of what we’re attempting to create that is compelling enough to out weigh the personality differences and bickering that crop up in its absence.

  • The ability to stand in the midst of creative tension—the gap between what we want and where we currently are—for long periods of time if needed and commit ourselves to doing what’s required to keep moving forward despite inward caution and external obstacles.

  • The willingness and skill to think systemically and find high leverage solutions rather than react to everything with a deer in the headlights “fire fighting” stance.

  • An appreciation for diversity that is shown in the ability to insure all voices are heard, all talents are cultivated and all perspectives are considered valid, regardless of where they come from. This sounds simple; if you take a look at the makeup of your boardroom or your leadership team, you may see the challenge.

  • A willingness to grapple with the inner obstacles to all of the above. There is considerable caution evoked when to pursue vision requires we behave in new ways. Highly effective teams work in both inner and outer worlds to arrive at high levels of performance.


Not for the Feint of Heart but for Those Who
Want to Lead in a Full Hearted, Authentic Way

If you’ve had one experience like this, count yourself among the fortunate. Many of us will go entire careers on teams where the collective IQ of the team is less than the average IQ of its members. We simply cannot get out of our own way. The market place demands more today.

Each of the skill areas above can be learned. Real vision, not just the glossy poster, requires this kind of learning. Trial by fire is one way of learning. World-class leadership education and team workshops are another. In addition to unique, one time only team interventions, we offer a small number of transformative team and leadership workshops that have been called by many participants the best leadership education events in their careers. Working in partnership with The Leadership Circle, core designs are tailored to your team’s needs in a partnership between us. The most popular program, The Authentic Leader, is built around and includes individual feedback from The Leadership Circle Profile, a state of the art 360-assessment instrument unlike any you have taken. Organizations like The University of Notre Dame Mendoza, Bon Secours Health System and Exempla Health Care use this program as an integral part of larger leadership and culture change efforts.