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The Leadership Circle Workshops


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The Leadership Circle Workshops


Leadership and Team Transformation

Leadership skills do not blossom overnight. They must be supported with tried and true programs that enable mangers to assimilate what they need over time. The Leadership Circle workshops — in a class by themselves — make this possible. If you are a leader or member of an organization trying to build an empowered, creative, and committed workforce — these workshops are for you.



Who Will Benefit Most From These Workshops

  • Managers and teams responsible for leading change.
  • CEO’s, Presidents and other top-level executives and their leadership teams who are committed to changing organizational culture to one that is higher performing and more fulfilling.
  • Leaders at every level who, because of the role they play, have a significant impact on organizational culture and performance .
  • Human Resource and Organizational Development professionals who coach leaders into new roles.
  • Individuals seeking to enhance their leadership capability.


Each of these workshops is designed with your needs in mind. Sample outlines follow.


Download AgendaThe Authentic Leader Workshop
Where most leadership teams begin

This workshop is a powerful leadership and team development experience that adds value to, and “unpacks” The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) 360-degree assessment. It engages managers at every level, from start to finish, by remaining interactive, provocative, and powerful. Leaders get an opportunity to see which of their behaviors work and which ones are counterproductive. After they “catch themselves in the act,” they study their behavioral operating systems with each other, and gain insights into their own accountability. Together, the team then decides how they move forward in a more aligned and focused way, and how they will keep themselves on track in the days ahead. This workshop is often tailored with one-on-one executive coaching sessions embedded in it. Available in two and three day versions.


Download AgendaMastering Leadership Workshop
Navigating the Journey

This is a powerful leadership and team development experience. It focuses on developing leadership mastery from the inside out. This workshop explores leadership from the hub of the political realities found in most organizations. It helps managers and teams find the courage and resilience to move forward strategically in the midst of resistance, uncertainty and caution. By focusing on the inner disciplines of leadership, it helps leaders and teams work with greater vision, tenacity and authenticity. Mastering Leadership is highly experiential. Participants learn by doing and reflecting and leave with common frameworks and understanding to sustain them. Available in two and three day versions.


Download AgendaPathways to Partnership Workshop
Advanced work for leaders and their teams

Eighty five percent of change efforts fail to achieve envisioned results. Internal maneuvering and cautious positioning often block strategic change efforts. This workshop is designed for leadership teams that are serious about their change efforts and want understand how their behavior supports or hinders progress towards their vision. “We are the culture. When we’re stuck, nothing changes. When we change, everything changes.” Participants gain valuable insight into traditional, top down control organizations and their leadership, and explore how they can be instrumental in moving towards more collaborative partnerships within and outside the organization.






The Leadership Circle Profile, Workshops, and Culture Survey were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle.