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"Dan is a maestro, an absolute maestro at how he works with people."

Leo Burke, PhD
Associate Dean, Executive Education
University of Notre Dame


"Dan skillfully asks the right questions at the right time. He is always respectful, always prepared and very thorough in how he works. I highly recommend him."

Deputy General Counsel
Fortune 100 Financial Services Company


"Transformation is usually reserved for those who survive something catastrophic. Working with Dan has been positively transformative: he takes what is already good and working well and transforms your thinking and understanding … without the need for needless hardship and suffering!"

Sales Director,
Automobile & Truck leasing company


"Dan cuts to the essential. The impact is I immediately felt understood and accepted, confident that Dan was the guide I needed, and willing to move through tough times in a different, more holistic way. His dry humor, emotional understanding and quiet skill were exceptional."

Director, Nuclear Engineering
Nuclear Power Station.