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How We Work

Wherever possible, we work face to face over a typical period of six to nine months.

Getting Started: Who Benefits Most?

Typically, we work with those who meet one of more of these criteria: recently promoted into a new leadership role; those who are candidates for future leadership positions; those who show unusual potential for advanced work; or those who the organization wants to invest resources in so as to sharpen and broaden their current performance. Mid to senior levels are typical but others lower in the hierarchy also benefit from early exposure to the coaching experience. Our work is especially suited for those in significant transitions: you’ve come to an end in yourself and you’re not sure how to proceed.

Emphasis: Your Development

Each individual is seen as having high levels of talent. Coaching is focused on identifying this talent and bringing it to a new level of impact while recognizing and minimizing any shortcomings or blind spots. Coaching is not linked to your performance evaluation or compensation but instead is focused on your own professional development. Coaching, however, often results in greater effectiveness at work, which hopefully yields higher evaluations and more opportunities for advanced level work.

Dual Emphasis: Inner and Outer Worlds

Our coaching focuses on both your inner world (assumptions, ideas, feelings and desires) as well as the outer world (customers, bosses, employees, assignments, work results and measurements). Example: It is tough to develop strong, collaborative relationships––a key skill in high achieving teams––when you simultaneously believe you must keep your foot on the back of your employees to motivate them! Likewise, it is impossible to drive toward vision and lean into the difficult conversations real vision requires if you believe people must like you in order for you to feel safe and worthwhile. Once the light of awareness shines on this inner world, what limits us can fall away and what makes us strong and whole can then be brought to bear on the circumstances we face. Coaching is a pragmatic way of quickening your development.

What is the Coaching Process?

Typically, individuals meet with Dan every other week for about one hour each week for a period of six to nine months. Sometimes, Dan will work with an individual for an entire day once a month, depending on travel requirements and specific coaching emphasis. Early on, the two of you create a plan that identifies the area of development coaching will focus on. This plan can be reviewed with your manager to insure everyone is on the same page. Dan may ask to meet with your manager, peers and direct reports to get their perspective on the strengths you bring to the table as well as their suggestions on areas where you can improve. Often, The Leadership Circle Profiletm, an extraordinary leadership 360-assessment instrument, is used.


The content of your coaching conversation is confidential. The development goals are shared with your manager and with your HR business partner. As you approach the end of the coaching engagement you and Dan will circle back in with your manager to discuss the coaching experience and what you did with it.

How Much Does the Coaching Investment Cost?

Call us for an estimate: (860) 983-8203.