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About the Author


Meet Daniel Holden.

Dan Holden has become an expert at transforming adversity into power in practical, tangible ways.

Through personal experience with difficult transitions in his life, he deepened his spiritual connection and uncovered methods for showing others how to use the challenges in their lives to do the same, with greater elegance and ease. He writes, speaks and facilitates workshops from this solid foundation of someone who has walked through the fire.

Dan earned a bachelors degree in Psychology and a masters degree in Education.

From eastern Kentucky and the urban ghettos of the northeast to the management board rooms of Fortune 100 companies, Dan's work has transformed people and teams. His message is that significant adversity shows up to change old ways of living and working that no longer serve us.

If we're willing, it opens us to new, more elegant and powerful means.

From a successful career in counseling he moved to corporate life, and has since built a reputation of excellence in executive coaching, diversity work and facilitating workshops for leaders ranging from executives in Fortune 500 corporations to heads of independent companies. His specialty is walking into impossible situations and finding solutions in which people, teams and organizations prosper.

Dan Holden has co-authored Pathways to Partnership: The Leaders Journey from Patriarchy to Partnership, a leadership development workshop, and Mastering Leadership: The Inner Disciplines, a twelve-week leadership curriculum on audio cassette.

He is an ex-military paratrooper, an avid motorcyclist and outdoor enthusiast, a poet, an art lover, a husband, and father. He lives with his wife, Lisa, and their family in Wisconsin, when he is not traveling, lecturing and leading workshops.