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About the Book

Chapter 1 Partnership with the sacred self ~ The discipline of standing still and hearing the voice of spirit
Chapter 2 The Emotional Landscape of Interim Places ~ Discovering
the central task in trauma: saving your self
Chapter 3 No Light ~ The path disappears and a door opens
Chapter 4 All is Lost ~ The humbling acknowledgement: much of
what we see is illusion!
Chapter 5 No End in Sight ~ The art and practice of not looking
Chapter 6 No Escape ~ Losing control and finding life
Chapter 7 The Great Exchange: Our Grief for Transformation ~ Surrendering as an act of strength
Chapter 8 Knowing with an Open Heart ~ The deeper walk of
surrender: reclaiming the first life
Chapter 9 The Sublime Gift of Powerlessness ~ Opening the strange doorway to your purpose, path & voice
Chapter 10 The Trappings of Desire ~ The secrets of engaging early without attachment to outcomes
Chapter 11 Moving Forward in the New Partnership ~ Being present
for both of your lives
Chapter 12 Standing in the Fire Without Getting Burned ~ Notes for
those who would help