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Retreats & Seminars


Leadership Bridgework© Retreat Series

(Schedule to be announced)

This series of quarterly, one-day retreats can be done with intact teams at your location or by sending individuals to public retreats held in southern New England and in the Midwest.

The premise is that our personal and leadership journey requires us to build bridges—strategies—that take us–

  • deeper into ourselves and higher into the sacred dimension (vertical strategies).

  • wider into more effective relationship with increasingly diverse people and circumstances (horizontal strategies).

Each program is experiential. Discussion builds around core concepts and models and real-world examples supplied by the facilitator and group.

Some of the one-day retreat topics are listed here.


The Invisible Partnership
Tapping into the Inexhaustible Supply of Spirit

We have been trained away from speaking about what we know. We use oblique language : “Life has a funny way of working out.” Or, “The universe has its own way of getting our attention,” to describe an aspect of our experience that is beyond logic and personality. This day is built around the knowledge that there is a partnership with our spirit, higher power, higher self, God (as you understand these terms) available to each of us in ways it has not been before. It is neither weak nor religious; it is not grounded in any particular doctrine but rather in the practical demands of our days. The benefits: easier, more elegant solutions, less stress, impossible roadblocks dismantled, greater productivity. Each of us has the capacity for this kind of partnership; today is designed for those who want to learn how to turn this switch on.

The Forgotten Self
Finding a Grounded Leadership in Uncertain Times

We live and work in a world of extraordinary beauty and wonder but most of us seldom experience this world because we are caught up in the demands of another. We have moments where we work from a higher place of purpose and passion, yet we witness ourselves often stressed, anxious and simply trying to get through endless tasks, impossible deadlines and people, and meetings that frequently miss the mark. We want the best parts of us to show up yet have to acknowledge that we feel less than who we really are much of the time. The problem is not a lack of training or desire. We’ve simply strayed from ourselves and need to return to our anchored and essential Self. This day shows us how.

Courageous Conversations
Managing Tough Talks in a Great Way

Challenging circumstances abound. Demands on our time, skills and attention increase with each passing month. There seems little time to rest or reflect and almost no energy for learning and renewal. Our life and work call for unparalleled levels of alignment, trust and common ground, yet many of us we see just the opposite. Individual action, myopic self interest, secret strategies, repressed feelings and important items that go unspoken can get us stuck in patterns that become predictable. We know what others will say and they know our positions even before the meeting begins. At the same time, opportunity for breakthrough has never been greater. We have had extraordinary moments of conversation from which we get up, go about our business changed and renewed and never need to revisit the topic. We can replicate these moments. The key ingredient is us. This workshop is for those who want to risk finding a better way to engage differences and find common ground.

Transforming Adversity into Power
Handling Difficult Transitions

We each will face tough transitions in our life. When faced with obstruction and threats to our way, we tend to either push harder and force something to happen or slowly and 'professionally' give up, redirecting our attention and efforts elsewhere. Both strategies have merit and can be seen as "normal" responses. Both options, however, can leave us feeling hardened, defended, less nimble and responsive for the future. We know people, however, who become more resilient, powerful and whole because of what they've faced. Theirs is a face-worn humility and grounded spirituality that touches everyone and everything. Their words bring people together. This day is for those looking for a different way through tough transitions.

Leadership Bridgeworks©
Original Series: Available by Request

  • The Forgotten Self: Finding a grounded leadership for uncertain times

  • Courageous Conversations at Work: Managing tough talks in a great way

  • Transforming Adversity into Power: Handling Difficult Transitions
  • Deep Capacity: How to Cultivate Instinct, Intuition and the Sacred Partnership