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Retreats & Seminars


Shared Future Conferences

This is a proven way to generate vision, strategy and buy in from a wide stakeholder group quickly, effectively and inexpensively ... in less than three days.

Shared Future conferences are exactly what their title suggests: a group of people with a shared interest come together to search for and find a future they are committed to creating. It is a future they must go after together and is often, therefore, pursued only after individual efforts, conflict, competitive posturing, misalignment, mistrust, and other defensive strategies have failed to bring about desired change. This strategy is often the best, most efficient way to bring about large scale change involving many diverse constituencies who have a common future before them...but limited history of working together.

Common uses include: new teams; experienced teams needing to adjust to new market realities; interdepartmental units struggling with merger issues; non-profits attempting to align themselves to respond creatively to new political and funding realities; police and community groups at odds with each other; community groups needing to be on the same page with one another where this has not been the practice. Contact us for more information.