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Retreats & Seminars


The Desert Talks©
Mystical Wisdom, Elegant Breakthroughs

These presentations range from one to four hours in length and include both presentation and didactic experiences for audience members. The title derives from the use of "desert" poetry and stories from two 12th and 13th century mystics, Rumi and Hafiz, whose wisdom still speaks to dilemmas we face today. Great leaders benefit by looking at history to see their own challenges and life stories in a bigger light and to unravel the challenges we face today.

  • Stop Calling Me a Pregnant Woman: Seeing Breakthrough in the Midst of Hardship.

  • No Prisoners Here: Finding true north, essential direction for life and leadership.

  • You Do Not Have To Be Good: Beyond the performance paradigm: releasing deeper motivation & courage in self and others.

  • Swim in the Fire: Finding focus and power when things fall apart.

  • Pushing Through Solid Rock: Surprising strategies for moving through adversity into power.

  • Seeing is Not Believing: Intuitive leadership in uncertain times.

  • Saving Yourself First: Lessons in solitude and stillness.

  • It’s Not My Fault! Beyond Judgment: cultivating clarity, accountability & compassion into your life & leadership.